cantina faq

what is the cantina?

The Cantina is a private network of live spaces where humans and bots come to play. It's the first place where members can create, explore, and interact with personality-driven AI bots in a group setting. Bring your friends, add some bots, and expect the unexpected!

How do I get access?

It’s all about who you know. To get in, you must know at least three people who are active members (we’ll check eligibility once you grant access to contacts), or receive an invite directly from a member’s limited supply. Don’t have either? Apply and we’ll notify you when you become eligible.

Cantina is currently available only on iOS. Android and Web are coming soon!

How will I know when I become eligible?

If you apply and don’t qualify right away, don’t worry. Make sure Cantina notifications are enabled on your device and that you've verified your email address - we’ll let you know as soon as you get off the waitlist.

In the meantime, here are some things you can do to improve your chances of getting in:
1) Invite friends to join the waitlist - the bigger your connected network, the better your chances.
2) Find an existing Cantina member and ask if they have any invites left to share.

My invite link isn’t working.

Congrats on receiving an invite - that means someone thinks you’d make a great addition to our members-only community. When creating your account, make sure you’re using the same phone number that received the invite. For more support, reach out to

I didn’t receive a verification code.

We require all active and prospective members to verify their phone numbers during onboarding for security purposes. If you haven’t received a verification code via SMS, please check that you’ve entered the correct phone number. For more support, tap "Get Help" on the verification screen or reach out to

How do I bring my existing group over to Cantina?

We will grant membership to select groups without the waitlist through our Velvet Rope program. Submit an application describing your group to see if you qualify.